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  4. || trying to find my way ||

    || trying to find my way ||

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  5. The bullying in this world today is unbelievable. With all this technology, bullies have so many more outlets they can choose to attack from. The fact that I had to speak with a 12 year old about this blows my mind. She shouldn’t be experiencing this.. no one deserves that. Kids can be the cruelest of humans. Parents these days have no idea what goes on on their children’s social media sites. Bullies are no longer pushing you around at recess or passing mean notes.. but rather texting, messaging, and posting. It’s so much harder to monitor these days.

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  6. ..learning


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  7. You don’t understand and maybe you never will. That’s okay cause I do what I have to do and you do the same. We go about our business and I don’t question you on your shit, don’t question mine.

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  8. Complicated

    Do we subconsciously make thinks complicated ?

    Do we purposely ignore the simple ways of thinking ?

    In general our feelings and emotions can only be heightened if we let them. Sometimes we need to self-reflect and look at the bigger picture, the grand scheme of what is bothering us or holding us back and maybe that thing holding you back is you & the excuses you think are significant.

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  9. We all want someone. But I don’t understand when people spend their whole life and energy looking for that someone. Is it weird that it’s not my first priority? I think the lowest I have felt was when it was a priority. I want to focus on building my career and making something of myself and traveling the world. Am I the only one who thinks like this? Of course I want that someone but maybe I’m not their priority right now either and that’s okay.

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  10. #justinnozuka #hera

    #justinnozuka #hera

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